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Monday, September 23, 2013

white butterflies in athens - a teaser

white butterflies in athens
view on black

greece is more troubled than usual in recent days, as if that's possible. you'd think that people would have learned, but no -- we're having to fight fascists all over again.

recent events have not shocked me. after seeing a neo-nazi party rise in influence, i'd expected much of this. actually, i expect more.  still, that doesn't diminish the sense of grief, fear and anger that i feel because of what people here have to endure.  these are days of murder, violence, and political turmoil, and difficult days are ahead.

within all this, i find many reasons to be more hopeful than before... thousands are demonstrating, repeatedly. musicians are uniting. people from all areas are speaking more loudly and forcefully than ever, and others are reconsidering their recent support for... scum.

within all this, and independently of it, there are people who promote peace, beauty and joy, in all times, good and bad. MELD, 'a global art platform cultivating social change', organized another action on saturday, september 21st, the international day of peace.  a group of young people spread white butterflies in athens, a continuation of an action started by milan rai. butterflies filled walls, sides of trees and were left on benches and bicycles. people walked by and smiled. a child was excited to be given a butterfly.

i was very happy to participate and shoot some photos of this lovely afternoon, and enjoy friends, smiles and flutters of simple beauty in a turbulent city. this photo's a teaser -- i'll post more next week.

©2013 helen sotiriadis

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