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Sunday, April 15, 2012

pz myers: sacking the city of god

his sunday sacrilege, at the global atheist convention

here's a snip

now wait, there might be some people saying (not anyone here, of course) that that’s no fair. maybe you’re a liberal christian, and i’m picking on the extremists (although, when we’re talking about roughly half the united states being evolution-denying, drill-baby-drill, apocalypse-loving christians, it’s more accurate to say i’m describing a representative sample). perhaps you’re a moderate, you support good science, education, and the environment, you just love jesus or mohammed, too.

i’m sorry, but i don’t like you. i’ll concede that you are doing less direct harm, and i will thank you for your support of shared causes, and i’ll also happily work alongside you in those causes, but i also think you are still doing indirect harm to foundational principles of a rational society. you believe in some outrageous bullshit; the christian myths of a virgin giving birth to a god who dies are illogical lunacy, and the christian doctrines of original sin and redemption through blood sacrifice by proxy are crippling psychopathological abominations. you promote unreason by telling people that it is ok to believe in some things without evidence, and even in contradiction to evidence and reason. you are cafeteria realists, and you undermine the essential goal of bringing the whole of humanity out of the darkness of ignorance and into the light of the real world.


i differ with his 'i don't like you'.
i probably do like you... but the rest of the paragraph is spot on.


  1. "i’m sorry, but i don’t like you."

    Some people feel the need to stress how much they a d-bag as well as an atheist.
    Mission accomplished.

  2. yes, but i don't think myers is a d-bag.
    i like pz myers too... a lot. 

    i'm not in his head, but i think he's mistaken, in that he probably genuinely likes a whole lot of theists, regardless.