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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

victor stenger: the fall of foolish faith


i want to urge those of you who are not scientists to try to convince those who are to stop pussyfooting around with religion and confront the reality of what it is and always has been -- a blight on humanity that has hindered our progress for millennia and now threatens our very existence. 



... since the late nineteenth century we have lived in a plutocracy in which petroleum and other fossil energies dominate almost every sector of our economy by virtue of the enormous wealth they bring to their producers and distributers.

now, what does this have to do with religion? since prehistoric times religion has served as the handmaiden to those in power, helping them to maintain that power. tribal chiefs, kings, and emperors always had shamans and priests at their sides to assure their subjects that they led by divine right.

in america today, petro-dollars fuel a giant christian propaganda machine that works to undermine the efforts of scientists to find solutions to the problems that face us with overpopulation, pollution, and climate change. they use techniques that were pioneered 30 years ago by the tobacco industry to suppress the evidence that smoking causes cancer and heart disease. and these techniques exploit the antiscience that is inherent in religious belief.


the full piece is here.


  1. Vasil Zelenak13/3/12 23:09

    Je mi Vás ľúto (snip)
    váš plamenný odpor voči deštrukcii ktorá bola spôsobená ľudmi, ktorí pre udržanie moci použili akékoľvek náboženstvo, alebo ideológiu je možno spravodlivý. Ak verejne takto vystupujete, tak ste len ďalší hlupák, ktorí povedie ludí do krvavých stretov......a ako vždy na to doplatí celé ľudstvo mrzí ma to,že som zareagoval, ale dávno ma nik tak nevytočil...
    ak neviete povedať niečo konštruktívne a ponúknuť nejaké zmysluplné riešenie tak chodte do baru - dobre sa opite tým aspoň neurobíte  žiadnu škodu.....

  2. "Now I will a rhyme construct
    By chosen words the young instruct.
    Cunningly devised endeavour,
    Con it and remember ever.
    Widths of circle here you see
    Sketched out in strange obscurity."