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Sunday, March 18, 2012

is jason russell an epic douchebag

evangelical narcissism by martin wagner on the atheist experience.

this is a nice summary of what i've perceived up to now:


no, i don’t know the inside of the guy’s mind, but i look at his talk at liberty, advising christians to “get in the fight,” and i see his film, with himself very much at the forefront as the hero. and i see an evangelical narcissist. is he insincere? no, that’s the problem. he’sexceedingly freaking sincere, and this has blinded him to his faults: that he’s affiliating with an army that has itself been guilty of looting and rape, that he paints a complex and evolving array of political turmoil in simplistic good-vs-evil terms. and so on. god will smile on jason russell for all of these things. i’m sure jason is sure of that.

and yet, when the man who swears to a crying boy that he’s going to stop the ferocious warlord who killed his brother and so many other children is faced with media attention, criticism, scrutiny and backlash, he’s so undone that he strips off his clothes and throws a fit on a street corner in broad daylight?

that’s the tragedy of the narcissist. occasionally, reality breaks through that shell of fantasy you’ve built around yourself. and for a brief moment, you must face the horror that your life is not, in fact, a movie.


read the whole piece here.

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