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Friday, August 19, 2011

jeremy goldkorn: internet censorship in china and in the west

jeremy goldkorn, editor-in-chief of danwei - interview with australia network

'it's only a matter of months since world leaders were praising the power of the internet as a weapon for change.

social media lubricated the waves of protest which stormed over the middle east and north africa earlier this year.

but now, british prime minister david cameron has changed his tune after rioters in the uk used the internet to co-ordinate their protests, saying and he wants social media reined in.

censorship of the internet is, of course, old hat to the chinese authorities who have been at it for years.

jeremy goldkorn is the founder and editor-in-chief of danwei, an internet and media website in china.'


  1. 18 views on YouTube?  How do you find these things?  Also, I think I need to change my news sources; I completely overlooked this barefaced hypocrisy.

  2. i met jeremy when i was in beijing, and his work is on my radar.  

  3. Censoring the internet will stop self exploration on things that are not taught in schools.