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Thursday, August 18, 2011

how dennis markuze aka mabus aka allsortsofothernames was arrested

tim farley describes the events that led up to mabus' arrest on august 16th.

i'm very relieved. i've been receiving death threats from markuze via comments on this blog, twitter and email to my personal address for years. i'd gained some relief by using disqus and blogger's spam filter for comments and allowing gmail to filter out his messages so that i never saw them, but i knew they were there.

so now he's been arrested, and hopefully someone will evaluate his mental state to see if he needs psychiatric help:


in the last week the science, journalism, skeptic and atheist communities on twitter organized to pressure a law enforcement agency to take action on someone who has been a copious source of spam and death threats on the internet for at least 15 years. todays arrest came about in under 10 days from the first moves.

i think the sequence of events of how this came together are quite interesting, and perhaps an object lesson in online activism. as it was happening i was capturing links to the relevant posts so i could document how it came about. read on…


yes... do read on...


  1. Good grief! Finally the cops got involved. He's been ignoring me, mostly, since I profiled him to Mojoey.

  2. lucky you!

    the content, duration and extent of his actions was disturbing -- i am so glad they finally did something.

  3. You can say that again! He took obsession to definitely disturbing levels.