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Thursday, July 21, 2011

stand your ground

directed and produced by hannah white, edited by stuart york

has this happened to you? it's happened to me, in athens, several times.

- security personnel trying to stop me from taking a picture of an office building [i was standing in the street -- not even the pavement]. they tried to intimidate me, but i didn't stop shooting.
- police just ordering me to stop.
- even one guy who was miffed because i was shooting some flowers in front of his house (not even from of his garden or fence).

people get paranoid around cameras.
i found this floating around google+

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  1. manozezez22/7/11 12:29

    I've experienced this a few times in London, so it's good to know what the law says about it. It must be easier to get rid of people by giving them a blanket statement that it's not allowed. I think most people would be intimidated by that and just leave.

    I wonder what the legal situation is with taking pictures of people on the street though. For even vaguely journalistic purposes, the law seems to allow anything in the UK (cf. paparazzi photographers). At the other end of the spectrum, photography for explicitly commercial use presumably requires release forms signed by what are normally the models and actors whose likeness is being used. But I'm not sure where a street photographer stands legally if they want to use an image that contains people, especially if they want to sell it. Do you?