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Monday, July 11, 2011

greece a dress rehearsal for the united states

i have long tried to provide links to posts on the financial crisis worldwide, most especially on my facebook page. i tend to concentrate more on the two countries with which i'm most familiar -- greece and the u.s.

the similarities in trends between these two countries is striking. many american friends echo 'same here' when i discuss the conditions in greece.

make no mistake -- we are trending towards private ownership of common resources... including the state. and that is the heart of fascism.

greece a dress rehearsal for the united states on real news

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  1. Rodney Topor13/7/11 07:55

    The same trend is occurring in Australia too.  The Commonwealth Government already subsidises people to take our private health insurance (without any means testing).  The proportion of students in private schools has been increasing steadily for a generation.  Now one commentator argues that the state of NSW (the state with the largest population) is preparing to outsource its own secondary education system to private providers; see