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Friday, July 15, 2011

belief in evolution vs national wealth

at calamities of nature:

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  1. ethertalker17/7/11 13:11

    As a Northern European (Ireland)  find this chart hard to believe. I personally do not know anyone who does not believe in evolution. Maby the filtering question to sort out believers is too complex. Evolution is tought in elementry schools here without any controversy, only fringe religious groups teach biblical creation.

  2. i'll tell you one thing that surprised me.  i grew up thinking that most people around understood and accepted evolution because 1. we were taught it in school and 2. i just assumed they believed it.

    recently, because of my blog and FB posts, i've had quite a few people engage me in discussions about this... and i was surprised to learn that quite a few deny evolution.  it's truly disheartening.

    in any case, personal experience can't replace data -- i'll have to check out the methods followed to produce the chart.