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Saturday, July 02, 2011

atheists are fed up

by gregory paul on the washington post:


'... make no mistake: nontheists are not meekly asking for full acceptance and citizenship any more than blacks did after the world war ii, or gays did after stonewall. we are telling you observant christians, jews, muslims, et al., to be as respectful to us atheists as you are to other believers. do the right thing! after all, remember what thomas jefferson said in 1787: “question with boldness even the existence of god.”'



  1. susibocks2/7/11 02:04

    coincidentally, the title of my next blog is 'i'm sorry... is my atheism bothering you?' lol i'm fed up, too!

  2. i think things are changing -- people are waking up, realizing their numbers, and not willing to take crap anymore.

  3. i believe to exist an Athenian's god!

  4. Juventas3/7/11 07:46

    On Wednesday you said, when asked to respect others' religion, your answer is simply no.  Now you're telling them to be respectful to your beliefs? 

  5. the quote in question is not asking for respect of anyone's beliefs.  it is demanding of respect for people.  there's a huge difference.

  6. Juventas3/7/11 09:34

    Exactly.  When I read your post on Wednesday, my first thought was, "are you sure they're not just asking for respect for the person?"  You say there's a huge difference, but they're quite intrinsic.  If someone believes their existence and every action is god's will, can you respect the person?  We can not live separately; religion requires concessions in our lives, as atheism would in theirs.

  7. but people change their minds about all sorts of issues -- political, aesthetic -- and reliigous.  i don't equate one's views with the person.  if i did, there would be no room for discussion on any issue.  and i don't think religious issues are exempt from discourse.

    it would be much more disrespectful if, in the face of ideas that i don't agree with, i just nodded my head, condescendingly. 

    atheists are demanding their civil rights.