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Monday, June 20, 2011

dog condemned to stoning story and confirmation bias

so the story about the dog that was stoned in jerusalem was made up after all. this thing went viral... and i linked to it on facebook as well, as i avoid posting news that i can't adequately fact-check on my blog.

this link offers an image of the apology in hebrew. i cannot read it directly, and i have to trust the source that it says what it's reported as saying.

click image to source

as humans, we are all guilty at some time or another of confirmation bias. it's important to own up to it when we realize our mistake. for me, it wasn't the first time, and this time i was influenced by BBC news, which made the item seem... credible (here's the link to BBC on june 18th). cross-checking becomes especially difficult when the original is in another language.

i can say to myself that i'm not a news service, i'm a person interested in the world... but still, i feel badly about rashly reposting.  if you reported this as well, i humbly suggest reposting the updated information... if we're ever going to exist in a reasonable world, we have support the best information we have.

hat tip to richard dawkins.


  1. Yes it was a dyslexic reporter's typo. 
    In the best of 2000 years of Jewish tradition they wanted to put a Dog to death?
    Definitely a typo ;-)

  2. funny -- but jewish tradition has enough going for it without us making stuff up.

  3. Thanks for posting this.