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Thursday, June 23, 2011

democracy vs mythology by sturdyblog... and a rant

this is the one of the best posts i've read so far on the crisis in greece -- and it concerns you (thanks, julia, for the link).

no, really.  if you're at all interested in our common experience, please read it.  after you're finished, come back.

i wasn't very happy with this:

'i did not see a pair of sunglasses not emblazoned with diesel or prada. i did not see a pair of flip-flops not bearing the logo of versace or d&g. the cars around me were predominantly mercedes and bmws. if anyone took a holiday anywhere closer than thailand, they kept it a secret. there was an incredible lack of common sense and no warning that this spring of wealth may not be inexhaustible. we became a nation sleepwalking toward the deep end of our newly-built, italian-tiled swimming pool without a care that at some point our toes may not be able to touch the bottom.'

well, that's true of a lot of people, and also not true for a lot of people. i'm sick of people saying how badly greeks are behaving.

take me, for instance...
take a look at my cheapo sunglasses and my supermarket flip-flops. i spend less than 100€ per year on clothing -- and travel only if i can find a way to do it very cheaply. i don't pay regular sums to addictions, consumable or otherwise. one loan was repaid only after moving to a smaller apartment to make up the difference in rent. yes, i don't own my home. i've balanced every single credit card payment at the end of every single month, in full. my taxes are withheld by each client, as i free-lance, and i must pay for our social/health insurance whether i'm working or not. and it's a hefty sum. and work's scarce. i've been working since i was 15 and i'll (maybe) retire when i'm 65, if i'm lucky. my only true luxury is my camera gear, which has taken me through 4 years of creative pleasure, a passion making up for almost anything else i've selected to not pursue.

i do without a lot, but i'm ok with that... others do without a lot more. i know many people who live responsibly and work very, very hard (lunch hour? what's a lunch hour?). these are the people who are being told they must rescue everyone else.

so no, we're not lounging beside swimming pools, dining on nectar and ambrosia, with gold utensils.  we're working as much as we're able, trying to live life.  just like you.  the media, especially the greek media, are trying to convince us that we're saving ourselves... but we know better.

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  1. The financially prudent, much like atheists, are often at the mercy of those who do not share our virtues.