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i started this blog in 2006, and it's shifted along with my interests through the years. it's been witness to a lot of learning for me...

still, i feel that i need a home for my photography -- so from now on, i'll be posting my pictures on the journal on my reworked website. if you like my photos, you might decide to follow me there!

my first post is here -- check it out!

as for this blog, i'm not sure what will happen. i don't think i'm willing to let it go, and certainly i'll keep it as an archive, but i need some time to figure it out.

for those of you that pop in from time to time, thanks for the visits and encouragement.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the believing brain

on skepticblog, michael shermer presents an excerpt of his book, the believing brain: from ghosts, gods, and aliens to conspiracies, economics, and politics—how the brain constructs beliefs and reinforces them as truths [what a title!] :


according to a 2009 harris poll of 2,303 adult americans, when people are asked to “please indicate for each one if you believe in it, or not,” the following results were revealing:

82% believe in god
76% believe in miracles
75% believe in heaven
73% believe in jesus is god or the son of god
72% believe in angels
71% believe in survival of the soul after death
70% believe in the resurrection of jesus christ
61% believe in hell
61% believe in the virgin birth (of jesus)
60% believe in the devil
45% believe in darwin’s theory of evolution
42% believe in ghosts
40% believe in creationism
32% believe in ufos
26% believe in astrology
23% believe in witches
20% believe in reincarnation


i'm thinking of carrying around this checklist and conducting a private poll...

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