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Friday, April 01, 2011

IQ2 greece: athens mosque debate

in collaboration with the british council, last month (february 28th). the motion: only good can come out of building a mosque in athens.

there's quite a lot of greek, as in the introductions, the final speaker and the Q/A -- however, most of it is in english.

there's a 1/2 hour highlight video here.

prior to the debate:
236 for
33 against
24 no opinion

following the debate:
179 for
71 against
43 no opinion

this is the kind of trouble that a country without a separation of church and state inevitably gets into. the state should not be in the business of funding any kind of religious buildings, as it currently does.


  1. Murray and Philips did good job, but the ignorance of people is striking

  2. thanks for posting the result as I could not understand ;)

    1. you're welcome. i hope you enjoyed it.