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Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter for the greeks

yesterday (saturday), the greek paper, to vima, presented the results from a gallup poll conducted by kapa research on greek religiosity during easter.  the statistics refute the mind-numbing myth that 98% of greeks are religious... figures most probably derived from records of the percentage of greeks who are baptized as infants.

i was baptized, but i'm not a christian.

i've attempted to (loosely) translate the original image from the website (please don't shoot the translator):

the article goes on to quote figures that signify a drop in religiosity as compared to 2008:

- for the question, do you believe in the resurrection of the dead? the drop was about 10 points (yay!):

yes / probably:
2008: 51.3%
2011: 41.8%

no / probably not: 48.1%
don't know/no answer: 10.1%

- for the question, what is easter?, the answers were:

a period of greek humility: 36.0%
opportunity to attend church: 11.1%
a return to tradition: 42.5%
vacation, rest: 39.9%
an opportunity to visit my family: 15.1%
an opportunity to visit my home: 11.9%

- for the question, what do you expect from the church?, and given the ability to add multiple answers, the expected priorities are:

solidarity for the poor: 54.6%
protection for the poor: 40.9%
protection for the weak: 32.3%
spiritual support in important moments in life: 18.2%
support for the family: 18.2%
spread the word of christ 13.9%
dialogue between different cultures and religions: 10.8%
reinforcement of social peace: 7.3%
reform of greek society: 5.0%
humanization of capitalism: 4.1%

- given the more vague question, do you believe in god?, the results were:

yes: 56.3%
probably: 20.0%
no: 13.0%
probably not: 7.7%
don't know / no answer 3.1%

.... although i suspect that few people want to actually admit that they do not.


  1. Intersting =) Here in chile i think that we have about the same percent in every question... sadly =)

    at least Im in the minority ;)

  2. Was in Delphi at the square in front of the church at midnight last night. Despite the priests chanting and the location, it felt more communal than Christian. Liked the ritual, but it didn't feel particularly heavenly-inspired. Visually, the passing of the flame from candle-to-candle and then watching as the small lights wound their way through the narrow streets finding their way home was very cool. I said to my daughter, "This is all so wonderfully pagan."

  3. susibocks24/4/11 23:26

    the numbers are better than the usa, be glad for it.