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Friday, March 11, 2011

the american nones

the profile of the no religion population in america, including those that do not identify with organized religions: atheists, agnostics, and the 'spiritual but not religious'.

somehow, i find this chart very interesting and wonder how it correlates with indoctrination:

more info and source: sociological images


  1. How it correlates with indoctrination? If you mean that children grow up and drop religion, I believe that's a well-known trend. The only anomaly I see is that Baptists do an excellent job at keeping their parishioners as they grow up.

  2. no i was looking at the other end --- how many children start out as non-believers (at age 12) and then become believers. or am i misunderstanding something?

  3. I don't think that information is there. Another bit that is interesting is that if you're in a room of non-believers, most (two-thirds) of them believed as children.

    Sorry about the alias, the new blogspot login doesn't seem to like me.

  4. yes.. i clicked on it but i didn't get anywhere :-D