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Thursday, December 30, 2010

sam harris: a new year's resolution for the rich

sam harris is consistently re-emerging as a hero for me.

in 2006, when i started this blog, i heard people refer to him as the world's most prominent atheist. as i read the end of faith, i came to realize how important and urgent it is for people to turn to reason-based action and to free themselves from the chains of superstition.

letter to a christian nation was a succinct encore.

last month, the moral landscape helped me to better understand questions of ethical and moral existence.

i'm repeatedly impressed by harris' ability to concisely focus and shine stark light on the most complex issues we face today.

in his latest essay, harris again faces taboo issues head-on by proposing actions by the wealthiest among us to alleviate the tragic inequality our societies face.  i could quote all of it... but


we now live in a country in which the bottom 40 percent (120 million people) owns just 0.3 percent of the wealth. data of this kind make one feel that one is participating in a vast psychological experiment: just how much inequality can free people endure?


harris refers to the u.s. economy, but, in my mind, it can be expanded to encompass the globe.

the entire piece, a new year's resolution for the rich, is on the huffington post.

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