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i started this blog in 2006, and it's shifted along with my interests through the years. it's been witness to a lot of learning for me...

still, i feel that i need a home for my photography -- so from now on, i'll be posting my pictures on the journal on my reworked website. if you like my photos, you might decide to follow me there!

my first post is here -- check it out!

as for this blog, i'm not sure what will happen. i don't think i'm willing to let it go, and certainly i'll keep it as an archive, but i need some time to figure it out.

for those of you that pop in from time to time, thanks for the visits and encouragement.

Friday, December 03, 2010



james brandon at digital photography school had an overview of using the fibonacci ratio in photography a couple of days ago. though i'm aware of the golden mean, i can't say i've been paying too much attention to crop my images with it in mind, although i have been aiming for the rule of thirds.

old wold, one of the commentators, offered a link to a nifty little online tool to crop with the curve and i used it to check out some of my images -- it looks like i've been naturally gravitating towards the spiral without really being aware of it (i've superimposed the spiral onto the above grid of images).  btw, the image in the center of the grid, a BW of me, was shot by mr.G.

a more heavy-duty crop tool for photoshop can be found here.

i think i'm going to start paying more attention to the golden spiral, lines and triangles.

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