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Thursday, November 25, 2010

a breathable atmosphere on rhea

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according to science, rhea has an 'oxygen–carbon dioxide atmosphere. the atmosphere appears to be sustained by chemical decomposition of the surface water ice under irradiation from saturn’s magnetospheric plasma.'

and io9 says,

'while the presence oxygen is relatively easy to understand, the carbon dioxide is actually even more intriguing. the gas is likely created by reactions between organic molecules and oxidants down on the moon's surface. that seems rather shockingly earth-like, or at least like the earth of a few billion years ago. this is just further proof that the building blocks and basic prerequisites of life exist all throughout the solar system, even if it was apparently only on earth where conditions were good enough for it to actually lead very far.'

so... is there life on rhea?


  1. No, well at least not under our current definitions of life (well at least that is my guess).

  2. where is this info coming from? to my knowledge the only moon in the solar system with a pronounced atmosphere is Titan

  3. And it if there is oxygen it stops the formation of complex compounds, and if there is life the high Carbon Dioxide levels would kill most life (under the dogmatic definition of life).

  4. toomanytribbles26/11/10 15:26

    that's the thing -- from what i understand, the more we learn, the less we're able to define life.

  5. toomanytribbles26/11/10 16:38

    and gregory stands corrected, as he says elsewhere :-)