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Saturday, November 20, 2010

'before' the big bang?

so while i was listening to the grand design audiobook, [doing my best imitation of that awful carrie bradshaw] i couldn't help but wonder -- can we find evidence of other universes or states beyond or 'before' the big bang?

it seems that sir roger penrose claims that he's found windows to a 'previous' universe in the form of ripples in the cosmic microwave background.

i put previous in quotes because ... well, i'm not sure if there can be a before before the beginning of time...?

i downloaded a PDF of his abstract, which 'posits the existence of an aeon preceding our big bang'... but obviously i have no hope of understanding any of it.

found at io9 which refers to the PDF at arxiv.

EDIT: it looks like not everyone is impressed with penrose's idea.
thanks to physicist jonathan shock for the link.


  1. Some people think that new universes keep forming and then collapsing and the remains of the last universe would make a new big bang for infinity times and according to him these cosmic radiation ripples could be the remains of what happened in a past universe.