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i started this blog in 2006, and it's shifted along with my interests through the years. it's been witness to a lot of learning for me...

still, i feel that i need a home for my photography -- so from now on, i'll be posting my pictures on the journal on my reworked website. if you like my photos, you might decide to follow me there!

my first post is here -- check it out!

as for this blog, i'm not sure what will happen. i don't think i'm willing to let it go, and certainly i'll keep it as an archive, but i need some time to figure it out.

for those of you that pop in from time to time, thanks for the visits and encouragement.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

mao zedong in a hong qi

mao zedong inside a hong qi
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this is a reprocessing of a picture i shot in march 2008. a hong qi [red flag] sedan was parked outside wan guo cheng for quite a few days. it had a lot of interesting details, but the likeness of mao hanging from the rear-view mirror was my favorite.

©2010 helen sotiriadis


  1. thirdphotoreceptor4/10/10 17:08

    Have you really just picked up photography in the last few years?

  2. yes... i started shooting regularly in china -- i was there from 2007-2008 -- because i wanted to remember what i saw. it got interesting, i learned more as time went on, and i'm still learning.

    if you look back at the first period on my flickr stream, you'll see a lot of indifferent snapshots, or poorly processed or composed images, with a few lucky shots scattered around.

    i shudder when i look back at them, and wish i knew then what i know now. i guess i'll feel the same next year, about this year's shots.

  3. thirdphotoreceptor4/10/10 17:32

    Well you've really taken to it. I've heard of a few successful photographers who pick it up after a career change in their 30s or 40s, but it still impresses me.

  4. sure... but i haven't changed careers -- i've just added to stuff i do.