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Sunday, September 12, 2010

mr.G crosses lake marathon

yesterday we decided to take a drive over to lake marathon [do you know where the word originates?] for a change of scenery and to visit a restaurant i've been meaning to return to for ages. a thunderstorm broke along the way... we'd had some rain about a week ago, but this was the first precipitation you could really sink your teeth into. actually, it was downright dangerous driving for a while there.

but now i think my car is clean.

we had a lovely lunch/dinner and then returned to the lake for some photography.

the lake is actually a reservoir dam. the top of the dam serves as a curved bridge for cars and pedestrians. it's only one lane, so there's a traffic light to control the two directions.

i'm fascinated by this curve and often wonder how to shoot it. yesterday i came up with these.

for some shots, i crouched down low, as i tend to do. as always, it looked peculiar, so, towards the end of my shoot, the guard called to me.


what are you shooting?

the bridge.


i like its geometry.

people usually take a picture of the lake -- not the geometry.


well, it's ok -- but you can't blame me for needing to check.

do you want to see my shots?

no, it's ok.

really? i'm proud of some of them.


are you sure??

no... no...

and he went back into his little office.

i've added this to flickr's map.

playing with BW:

mr.G crosses lake marathon
like it? click it!

i kind of like the color, square crop too:


closing in with narrow DoF:

IMG_1689 copy

IMG_1698 copy

IMG_1701 copy

IMG_1704 copy

IMG_1736 copy

©2010 helen sotiriadis

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