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Friday, August 20, 2010

connor trinneer at terraformers ii - episode 3

i just finished up a run-through of star trek: enterprise DVDs and was surprised how many episodes i'd never seen! i paid special attention to connor trinneer's work, after having met him at terraformers ii, which is quite simply the coolest star trek gathering in the world, located at stunning sounion.

connor trinneer
give him a click!
connor is fun to meet -- he's approachable, funny and easy to talk to -- and i was fascinated by how he's genuinely interested in his fans. my meeting him, in addition to the Q&A sessions, spiked up my appreciation for the thoughtful and effective acting he did on enterprise, and how he made a complex job seem almost effortless.

enterprise was the series that illustrated the transformation of our present-day culture into the hopeful, optimistic future of humanity's potential, as originally envisioned by gene roddenberry. characters like trip depict us as we are, but with humanity's most valuable traits: our drive to conquer our reluctance to embrace the strange and unknown, to satisfy our curiosity to explore, to learn, and our innate impulse to do good... in short, the foundation for the best that's yet to come.

i processed the hell out of this picture because the lights cast shadows on his face. i'm way too timid to use a flash, or to become annoying by taking too many pictures. still, i'm glad i got this, and maybe i'll be a bit more brave at terraformers iii!

connor trinneer
silly fangirl with connor. thanks for the shot, william!

more terraformers ii!

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