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i started this blog in 2006, and it's shifted along with my interests through the years. it's been witness to a lot of learning for me...

still, i feel that i need a home for my photography -- so from now on, i'll be posting my pictures on the journal on my reworked website. if you like my photos, you might decide to follow me there!

my first post is here -- check it out!

as for this blog, i'm not sure what will happen. i don't think i'm willing to let it go, and certainly i'll keep it as an archive, but i need some time to figure it out.

for those of you that pop in from time to time, thanks for the visits and encouragement.

Friday, June 04, 2010

ESO: a space opera

Starring: helix nebula, gliese 667, stellar cluster NGC 2467, R coronae austrinae, protostar HH34 (orion), chamaeleon I complex, eagle nebula, lagoon nebula, southern milky way band, trifid nebula, the first image of an exoplanet (2M1207 system)... as seen by the very large telescope (VLT).

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