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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

robert picardo at terraformers ii - episode 2

episode 1: marina sirtis at terraformers ii

my first glimpse of him was on that weekend's saturday morning -- we were walking through the lobby of the wonderful aegeon hotel at magical sounion, and he passed by us as he made his way to breakfast. as you can imagine, i almost fell down flat from the surprise.

robert picardo at terraformers ii
robert picardo is a great speaker -- funny and insightful, he conveyed to the audience at terraformers ii a sense of the effort and attention it took to make voyager a wonderful series. it was deeply satisfying to get a glimpse of the process with which star trek was transformed into the stories we know and love.

robert picardo - collage
i most enjoy star trek for its exhilarating exploration of ideas. picardo's character, the doctor, or the emergency medical holographic program, is one of those jewels, as are mr. spock and data, that help us to reexamine what it means to be human -- a being brought to life with this artist's intelligence and skill. picardo described facets the character's development, the investigation of issues, as well as acting and filming techniques that made it all so convincing and real.

robert picardo - opera

of course, he teamed up with a fan, dimitris psathas, for some impromptu opera!

a special thanks to maria katsiri-devolder and for this extraordinary experience.

i've placed this on the flickr page map.

back story and details: marina sirtis at terraformers ii


  1. you must live a quite extraordinary life ;)
    how interesting this must have been!

  2. this was an extraordinary event -- but no, my life is quite dull.

  3. this was an extraordinary event -- but no, my life is quite dull.