Saturday, May 08, 2010

bang! the universe verse

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i just read through james lu dunbar's very cool and highly creative new ebook: bang! the universe verse, a comic book about the origin of the universe. the drawings are spectacular and the text rhymes.

this is like a cross between carl sagan and dr. seuss.

book 1 (eventually there will be three) starts... well, at the beginning, with the big bang, up until the formation of galaxies. so there's room for the sequels, which, judging by the final image, look promising:

you'll be glad you clicked
you can request a high-resolution PDF for free (yay!), and you can buy a paperback edition as well, so visit his website.

james is self-publishing his book, spreading his appreciation of science. if you like what you see, consider helping to spread the memes.

bang! by james lu dunbar:

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