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Thursday, April 15, 2010

marina sirtis at terraformers ii - episode 1

i found out about terraformers ii the previous tuesday and just barely had time to get myself registered to attend.
(thank you, julia, for letting me know!)

this is quite probably the most awesome trekkie gathering in the world, a charity event for the wwf... the location at the aegeon hotel at my beloved sounion, right outside of athens, an inspirational spot i keep coming back to.

we were honored by the presence of:
marina sirtis (deanna troi)
robert picardo (the doctor or the emergency medical hologram)
connor trinneer (charles trip tucker iii)
science consultant andre bormanis
authors and star trek experts larry nemecek and janet nemecek and pre-production coordinator, lolita fatjo.

the whole shebang was organized by maria katsiri-devolder and the forum community at
and boy, was it fun!

here are a few pictures with marina sirtis:

marina sirtis and someone else at terraformers ii
silly fan-girl with marina

day 1: marina and her stories...

day 2: sunday's talk -- undiminished humor

me in the foreground, marina further back in green and mr.G says live long and prosper
(thanks for the shot, william!)
(click any image to the larger sized post on flickr)

marina is a warm, direct and honest. she has a greek heritage and is very proud of it... and speaks greek fluently.
it goes without saying that she's a beauty.

what you probably don't know is how funny she is. i enjoyed her hilarious recounts the behind-the-scenes life and adventures during the shooting of TNG and her quick-witted answers at the Q&A sessions.

more pictures to follow when i can steal some time from my heavy schedule.

videos and presentations will also be posted on

next: robert picardo at terraformers ii - episode 2

i've placed this on flickr's map.


  1. Someone has been having fun, I knew it. Lucky you!

  2. She definitely is all those things. Looks like a wonderful intimate event.