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Monday, March 29, 2010

can atheists have a code of sexual morality?

on sexual intelligence:

'every organized religion has highly specific answers to this question. they mostly involve “god doesn’t want you to do sex this way; god strongly prefers you do sex that way.” and if you disagree with god about your sexual expression, see rule #1.

organized religion typically imagines sexual “morality” as involving limitations. in most cases, the less sex you have the better god likes it; god, apparently, also wants you to limit the number of sexual partners with whom you do the right or wrong sexual acts.'


'grownup atheists don’t need to fear some metaphysical being in order to prefer doing what’s right—all clear-thinking adults prefer doing what’s right. and grownup atheists don’t need a one-size-fits-all menu of sexual acts. they know that doing only the sexual acts on god’s preferred list is no guarantee of moral decision-making or ethical behavior. and they have experienced the deep satisfaction of ethical decision-making while rockin’ the house with taboo sexual acts that would make seraphim and cherubim blush.'

the entire article by dr. marty klein, here.

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  1. Anonymous29/3/10 18:25

    Gee whiz.... I wanted a list of forbidden acts! As for the Ten 'Suggestions', ADULTERY has always been my favorite!!!! ;-)