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i started this blog in 2006, and it's shifted along with my interests through the years. it's been witness to a lot of learning for me...

still, i feel that i need a home for my photography -- so from now on, i'll be posting my pictures on the journal on my reworked website. if you like my photos, you might decide to follow me there!

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as for this blog, i'm not sure what will happen. i don't think i'm willing to let it go, and certainly i'll keep it as an archive, but i need some time to figure it out.

for those of you that pop in from time to time, thanks for the visits and encouragement.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the poetry of reality

yay! another wonderful video from melody sheep and the symphony of science!


[michael shermer]
science is the best tool ever devised
for understanding how the world works

[jacob bronowski]
science is a very human form of knowledge
we are always at the brink of the known

[carl sagan]
science is a collaborative enterprise
spanning the generations
we remember those who prepared the way
seeing for them also

[neil degrasse tyson]
if you're scientifically literate,
the world looks very different to you
and that understanding empowers you

[richard dawkins]
there's real poetry in the real world
science is the poetry of reality

we can do science
and with it, we can improve our lives

[jill tarter]
the story of humans is the story of ideas
that shine light into dark corners

[lawrence krauss]
scientists love mysteries
they love not knowing

[richard feynman]
i don't feel frightened by not knowing things
i think it's much more interesting

[brian greene]
there's a larger universal reality
of which we are all apart

[stephen hawking]
the further we probe into the universe
the more remarkable are the discoveries we make

[carolyn porco]
the quest for the truth, in and of itself,
is a story that's filled with insights


from our lonely point in the cosmos
we have through the power of thought
been able to peer back to a brief moment
after the beginning of the universe

[pz meyers]
i think that science changes the way your mind works
to think a little more deeply about things

science replaces private predjudice
with publicly verifiable evidence


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