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Sunday, January 17, 2010

chios harbor in indigo -and- non-believers giving aid

chios harbor in indigo
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this was the evening of wednesday, jan.13 2010.

the windmills of her mind

i'm not thrilled with it, but i had little energy or patience to seek a better spot or perfect the shot. that buoy in the middle of everything is not the best of luck, but there it is.

in other -- important -- news...

almost everyone has received a call to prayer for the victims of the earthquake in haiti. i don't pray. prayer is a way to do nothing and still think you're helping. nothing fails like prayer.

i was looking for a way to donate some money but was wary of organizations' ulterior motives or handling of finances. so, today, when i saw this, i gladly made a donation. i can't give a whole lot, but it's not futile as i know that, under these circumstances, a little goes a long way.

non-believers giving aid: a religion-free way to help disaster victims

'spurred by the horrific suffering in haiti, the richard dawkins foundation for reason and science (RDFRS) has set up a dedicated bank account and paypal facility to collect donations to non-religious relief organizations. this new account is in the new name of non-believers giving aid, with all of the money donated being distributed to disaster relief.

clearly the immediate need is for the suffering people of haiti, and all the money raised by this current appeal will go to that cause, but the new account will remain available for future emergencies too. there are, of course, many ways for you to donate to relief organizations already, but doing it through non-believers giving aid offers some advantages:

1. 100% of your donation will be go to these charities: not even the paypal fees will be deducted from your donation, since richard will personally donate a sum to cover the cost of these (capped at $10,000). this means that more of your money will reach the people in need.

2. when donating via non-believers giving aid, you are helping to counter the scandalous myth that only the religious care about their fellow-humans.

it goes without saying that your donations will only be passed on to aid organizations that do not have religious affiliations. in the case of haiti, the two organizations we have chosen are:
• doctors without borders (médecins sans frontières)
• international red cross
you may stipulate using the dropdown menu which of these two organizations you want your donation to go to; otherwise, it will be divided equally between them. '

more info

i've placed this image on flickr's map.

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  1. Another secular organisation that does amazing work and often gets my donations (I, too, refuse to donate to any religion-based charity) is Oxfam. Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are the other two I regularly try to donate to.