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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pz myers reviews richard dawkins' 'the greatest show on earth'

on seed magazine, on not just for fence-sitters:

ah, if only the problem of creationism could be solved as easily as simply handing out copies of richard dawkins’ latest book…but it’s a necessary preliminary. most of the critics of evolution don’t have the slightest idea of the principles of the theory (i’m always being told that it’s entirely about chance conjuring complex organisms into existence, the old “tornado in a junk yard” canard) and certainly have no knowledge of the multiple lines of detailed evidence that support evolution. creationists assert that there are no transitional fossils, for instance, so we have to show them a few hundred. they don’t understand how the sequence data is only comprehensible if organisms are related, so we have to explain genes and genomes.

and on his blog, pharyngula, pz writes:

snip again
'it's so readable and clear, i want some of those die-hard creationist fanatics to read it. really read it, and understand it. i don't expect them to be converted at all — they've drunk too much kool-aid to be cured — but jebus, i'd like to see some challenging arguments from the creationist camp, rather than these rehashed exercises in idiocy they always drag out. if they want to argue against evolution, that's fine…but please, argue against evolution, not these freakish fever dreams of crocoducks and linearity and hitler in a lab coat.'
snip again

about 'the greatest show on earth' on RD

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