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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

zai jian, athens

after a couple of days tidying up loose ends in athens, we boarded yet another ferry headed to chios island.

zai jian, athens:  223/365
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i had a sense of great anticipation of returning to the only bit of this planet that can formally be called home: my mother's family has roots here and her almost 200 year-old family house still stands.

you won't find chios on the top list of tourist destinations -- this is an island with plenty of things to do and attracting vacationers is not a top priority. it has busy towns and gorgeous beaches. even during the summer peak of 15th august, the atmosphere is relaxed, the food is incredible, the beaches are not crowded, and you get a sense of what greece must've been like once, everywhere.

i wandered on lissos, a very large ferry, at twilight and found people enjoying the sunset, souvlaki and friends on the deck, leaving chaotic athens behind.

the title of this picture is a reminder that, since beijing, our family's daily conversations is dotted with bits of mandarin.

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