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Monday, August 03, 2009

susan blackmore and richard dawkins on the point of inquiry

two of my favorite thinkers were on point of inquiry recently loooooong agooooo*:

click pic to source
from the original description:

'in this far-ranging discussion with d.j. grothe, susan blackmore talks about her research into the paranormal and near death experiences and why she left that field of study, memetics and religion as a meme, free will and the question of moral responsibility, consciousness and the illusory nature of the self, and zen buddhism and meditative practice, among other topics. she also explores why is it more important than ever for scientists to speak out about important issues of concern in the world today.'

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from the original description:

'in this candid discussion with d.j. grothe recorded in front of a live audience at the recent secular society and its enemies conference, richard dawkins discusses the impact of his book the god delusion, whether or not his uncompromising attack on religion undermines science education, and how people can find meaning in a godless universe. he also explores strategies for advancing atheism in society and highlights what secularists may learn from the gay rights and feminist movements. additionally, during the audience Q&A, dawkins fields a question from the eminent ethicist peter singer.'

i really enjoy listening to dawkins -- and i always learn something new. this time, it was the thought experiment of there existing all intermediate species in our evolution -- and an idea for a science fiction book that i wish he would write. good stuff.

* corrected by commentator marc, as i hadn't noticed the dates -- and for blackmore, this is a repost.


  1. Is there somewhere we can find these interviews online? Do you happen to remember what Singer asked Dawkins and what his answer was?

  2. Yes, very interesting interviews, but why do you say they were on point of inquiry "recently"?

    I guess you mean you listened to them recently because they were recorded years ago - I distinctly remember listening to both of them at the time they were put online.
    The links you provided also show the recording dates as 2006 and 2007.

    Hope you don't mind my nitpicking.

  3. @CamelsWithHammers, i had linked via the pictures, but i've now added word links for each interview. you can listen to them online or download MP3s.

    @Marc, you're right, of course. i posted this after seeing CFIs reposts on facebook and didn't check the dates.

    i had, in fact, heard blackmore's before, but not dawkins -- and i'm surprised by that -- i thought i'd heard ALL of his interviews :D

  4. Hi. CamelsWithHammers, both of these interviews (and nearly 200 more) can be found on the Point of Inquiry website as well as on iTunes. Enjoy!