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Sunday, August 02, 2009

the sun sets at anavyssos

we each did our own thing at anavyssos yesterday afternoon again -- one fished, one read, one shot pictures.

the windsurfers:

the sun sets at anavyssos

the sun sets at anavyssos

i mounted little white onto my 40D and i tried to get some candids of people. i'm painfully shy about doing this, so even a few is a major victory.

she's keeping her hat on:

the sun sets at anavyssos

what you get after you take your hat off:

the sun sets at anavyssos

as the sun set, i tried to get a few shots of the color. i had an old tripod with me that is really a pain to align so i basically just rested the lens onto it instead of actually screwing it on -- so i'd call these semi-hand held.

the remains of the day:

the sun sets at anavyssos

the sun moves on to light another part of the world:

the sun sets at anavyssos

the swimmers left, a scant few remained to enjoy the warm evening and the fishing enthusiasts started work.

as it started to get dark, we went to a little tavern to have a bite of seafood and salad -- as our order was being prepared, i noticed that the bay had taken an unusually fiery glow. i madly switched lenses -- 50mm then 10-22mm -- and i propped the camera onto the windowsill. it was really dark so most of the shots were useless, but i managed to salvage a few.

a light show begins:

the sun sets at anavyssos

the sun sets at anavyssos

if you like the pictures, click on them!

... and i've placed the images on the map, on the original flickr page.

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