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Friday, July 03, 2009

spiraling controversy

spiraling controversy
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two buildings obstruct the view between the acropolis museum and the acropolis itself, at the lower levels. this is a detail from one of them.

why haven't they been demolished? because they're historically valuable in their own rite. one art deco, one neoclassical (incidentally owned by vangelis), they were initially characterized and protected as historical buildings -- but their status has now changed.

it's a dilemma: some say that a direct line of vision for the acropolis and its museum takes precedence, and others believe that you can't seriously respect history yet destroy these works.

i could conceivably understand an argument for transferring them elsewhere -- otherwise, my view is that they should stay.

more info on ekathimerini and welcome to the new acropolis museum.

for this shot i was inspired by this lovely image by tasosdimo.
i've added its location on the map on my original flickr page.

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