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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the pledge without 'under god'

from the video description:

'clips from the 1939 porky pig cartoon "old glory"
notice how "under god" is not in the pledge,neither in the book he's reading,or when he recites it.
thats because "under god" was wrongly added in 1954.'


  1. This might be a problem for the Constitutional originalists and literalists... :-)

    (Of course, it's the sort of thing they'll just obfuscate around.)

    Carolyn Ann

  2. The word "god" doesn't appear in the US Constitution.

    It was in the 1950s, in the Cold War that some super-patriots wanted to show those godless commies that the US was a xtian nation and thus put in the "under god" and on the currency "in god we trust."

    Unfortunately many leaders repeated the mantra that if you weren't a xtian you weren't a true patriotic American!

    It will take a very long time for things to change, but there's progress. For the first time a US president invited the Secular Coalition (or any non-believers group) into the White House. And, it's been since the days of Jefferson and Adams that the chief executive said the US is not a xtian country!