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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

the acropolis slopes

geometry on clay:

the acropolis slopes:  geometry on clay
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one thing about athens -- dig anywhere, and you'll find ancient artifacts.

the first space within the acropolis museum is a wide ramp with exhibits of objects discovered in the area. the slope is meant to remind us of the ascent to the acropolis, or sacred rock, itself. glass displays flank the hall and the repeating motif of glass floors reveal fascinating displays underneath. excavations in the area have uncovered clay vessels for food, toys, various household items and statues for worship.


the acropolis slopes:  overview

this is thousands of years of urban life in athens, an uninterrupted settlement from the neolithic period (3000 BC)to about the 6th century AD. these objects speak volumes -- communicating people's lives through time to us.

two terracotta nike statues, 1st-3rd c.AD:

the acropolis slopes:  two terracotta nike statues, 1st-3rd c.AD

i often wonder how daily life has changed here -- and i suspect that the basic traditions and habits are pretty much the same.

fragments of a civilization:

the acropolis slopes:  fragments of a civilization

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