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Monday, June 29, 2009

a place for caryatis

the acropolis museum has only five of the original caryatides. the sixth was kidnapped by lord elgin and is now residing -- where else -- the british museum.

a place for the caryatis
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this display has the caryatides in their original relative positions, with a place reserved for the sixth figure's return.

her place is here. with her sisters.


i was especially attracted to the caryatides. being able to see these strong figures closely from all sides was an amazing experience. i think i took more photos here than anywhere else. there are many overviews of the set elsewhere and there were far too many people for me to get a general shot that i was happy with; however, i was blown away by the details and had no problem whatsoever keeping myself busy with them. their graceful pose, their gentle necks -- that nevertheless bear so much weight -- the lovely drape of their clothing and their braided hair -- all evidence of the creators' artistry and sophistication. i had a hard time breaking away.

i took so many pictures -- i hope i'm not annoying you with all of these.

the caryatides' original home was the caryatid porch of the erechthion on the acropolis, which is now supported by copies of the original figures.


caryatid overview

the missing caryatid's position is the second from the left.

caryatid pair tilt

caryatid side

caryatid pair

caryatid back trois quatre

caryatid back

caryatid braid

caryatid tilt

caryatid sisters

caryatid side bodice

caryatid hips

caryatid clothing

caryatid knee

caryatid visitors


  1. I enjoyed these. Last time I went to the Acropolis was when the Karyatides were in place... Don't have any pictures from that visit.

    Maybe someday when they finish the Acropolis restoration I'll pay a visit, and will definitely check out this new museum.

    I got most of the appreciation of antiquity artwork at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Obviously, those treasures have come from elsewhere but it's been nice to go and spend several hours there 3-4 times a year.

    Yet, the "Elgin marbles" should be reunited with the rest of the Parthenon. Hitchens puts it correctly.

  2. Absolutely wonderful photos! I'm so looking forward to visiting once we return to Athens at the endo of the year!

    And generally, what an interesting blog you have.