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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

glass ceiling / glass floor

visiting the acropolis museum has great tidbits of fun.

i really liked bernard tschumi's design -- it's full of light and air and provides an intelligent background for the treasures it holds.

you can find a great description of the building here but one thing it does not mention is a wonderful glass floor that unifies the wide ramp area on the ground floor at a central atrium with the top level and the sky beyond.

glass ceiling/glass floor
like it? click it!
it really was a fun place to stop and look above, while the visitors above were taking pictures of us below -- and some were taking the opportunity to catch some exercise.

glass ceiling/glass floor - fun, fun, fun

if you plan to visit the building, and you value your privacy, i have some advice: don't wear a skirt.

glass ceiling/glass floor - overview

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