Monday, April 20, 2009

sunrise / earthrise

sunrise / earthrise
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everyone loves a sunrise or a sunset -- but lately, when watching one, i get keenly aware of my position on the earth and in relation to the sun...

i took this yesterday morning at cape sounion (more about that later), looking towards the sunrise, and i remembered the wittgenstein anecdote:

wittgenstein and his companion are on a stroll through cambridge.

‘i’ve always wondered why’, says Wittgenstein, ‘for so long people thought that the sun revolved around the earth.’

‘why?’ said his surprised interlocutor, ‘well, i suppose it just looks that way’

‘hmm’, retorted wittgenstein ‘and what would it look like if the earth revolved around the sun?’


  1. Gorgeous! Simply breathtaking!

  2. A wonderful photo. Quite beautiful.