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Saturday, April 18, 2009

the 50 most brilliant atheists of all time

brilliant -- as in brilliant at their craft...

1. democritus
2. diagoras of melos
3. epicurus
4. theodorus the atheist
5. andrew carnegie
6. ivan pavlov
7. sigmund freud
8. clarence darrow
9. richard strauss
10. bertrand russell
11. jawaharlal nehru
12. linus pauling
13. paul dirac
14. ayn rand
15. katherine hepburn
16. jacques monod
17. subrahmanyan chandresekhar
18. alan turing
19. francis crick
20. claude shannon
21. richard feynman
22. noam chomsky
23. james d. watson
24. peter higgs
25. warren buffet
26. john searle
27. steven weinberg
28. carl sagan
29. david suzuki
30. george carlin
31. bruce lee
32. leonard susskind
33. stephen jay gould
34. richard dawkins
35. daniel dennett
36. stephen hawking
37. mick jagger
38. richard leakey
39. david gilmour
40. brian eno
41. david sloan wilson
42. steve wozniak
43. douglas adams
44. steven pinker
45. pz myers
46. jodie foster
47. russell t davies
48. david chalmers
49. sean carroll
50. mark zuckerberg

i've marked in green the ones that are most prominent in my mind... and i'd probably change the order a bit.
do you agree with this list or not?
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  1. I always find these lists demeaning. You're either a theist, an atheistic, or an agnostic, correct? Are there that few atheists?

    Unrelated to atheism, I was happy to see David Suzuki recognized. He has a vigorous combination of care for all things and unrelenting forthrightness.

    I regularly read only three blogs, yours included. One of the others is Roger Ebert's. He often blogs about religion and science. In fact the entry that spurred the most responses was about Dawkins and Stein (1,741 comments and counting, and he reads every one). His most recent entry is titled "How I believe in God", and it might not be what you think. Give it a read.

  2. Any secular humanist who makes a difference in his/her community is important.

    I also find lists limiting by excluding people....

    Where's Sam Harris and C. Hitchens? For me, these two have done lots to challenge the religious idiocy in the US.