Sunday, November 02, 2008

dimitris nanopoulos

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i first heard dimitri nanopoulo during an interview on television about 8 years ago and was lucky to have seen him in person in a conference on artificial and human intelligence, organized by focus magazine and mensa. he's a great communicator on scientific issues and is able to explain highly complex subjects making them accessible to us laypeople, in greece and abroad. his enthusiasm for science is infectious.

these two videos are rather long but fascinating discussions which include mr. nanopoulo:

mind vs soul

'roundtable discussion with jason brown, marcia cavell, marcel kinsbourne, dimitri nanopoulo, right reverend catherine s. roskam, and roy herndon smith.'

and modern cosmology which is not embeddable:
'roundtable discussion with piet hut, janna levin, charles liu, dimitri nanopoulo, and tu weiming.'

if you understand greek, you might enjoy this clip from a chat with serafim fintanidi on skai tv with conjectures on what the next 40 years will bring.

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