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Friday, September 28, 2007

new, improved pledge

the friendly atheist reports that 50 high school students actually walked out during the pledge of allegiance at their school, reciting their own new, improved version:
'i pledge allegiance to the flag and my constitutional rights with which it comes. and to the diversity, in which our nation stands, one nation, part of one planet, with liberty, freedom, choice and justice for all.'

there's even a video...

the principal supports their standing up for their rights, although he won't stop the pledge. however, the protesting students say that:
'they plan to walk out each thursday when the pledge is read and recite their version, which omits the reference to god and adds allegiance to constitutional rights, diversity and freedom, among other things.'

and the president of the student worker club says:
'we didn't think it was fair for the whole school to have to listen to it. it's almost religious oppression.'

more information at the daily camera and the denver post.

what a hopeful contrast to the previous post.


  1. Being made to listen to the word "God" is almost religious oppression now? Sounds like the President of the Student Workers Club could benefit from the perspective instilled by spending a week in a Chinese prison. They still do educational exchanges, right?

  2. i think the president of the student workers club has a very good idea of what public education should include -- and exclude. and yes, being 'made' to listen to any state-led religiosity is oppression.

  3. I watch this kind of stuff in vague bemusement from here in the UK, but it's good to see students standing up for their independence of thought.

    (I do wish, however, that the makers of the video had let the people on camera have their say in full, rather than showing them on screen and reporting their words.)

    nate: Being made to listen to the word "God" is almost religious oppression now?

    It isn't just 'listening' is it? They're being asked to 'pledge allegiance' to something that is against their nature, their intelligence and their better judgement.

  4. Nate - "Being made to listen to the word "God" is almost religious oppression now?"

    I wouldn't really call it 'religious oppression', but it is one-sided. I suggest that we change the words to "one nation under NO God". Let's see how fast the Christians complain. No doubt some of them will call it 'religious oppression'. And when they complain, we'll say, "being forced to listen to someone say 'one nation under no God' is considered religious oppression now?" and thereby ignore their complaint.

  5. Looking good USA!
    It takes a new generation to get rid of the religious nuts.

  6. I am glad that more high-school students are beginning to take a stand for their rights. I am trying to get my sister to do something similar at her school.

    I wish I had been as motivated as those kids in high school.

  7. Nate, so everything that is better than a Chinese prison is OK? or what exactly are you trying to say?

  8. I mean, since when are Chinese prisons the standard for something being oppression or not…

  9. people are missing the tragedy of disrupting a wonderful phrase such as one nation, indivisible... by wedging in under god you are, in fact, dividing it.

  10. Anonymous29/9/07 19:47

    Wow, I'm impressed with these students. I wish all students were as intelligent, forward thinking, constructive and tuned-in as these guys. I really hope their headmasters has as much integrity and intelligence as they do, and stands up for them instead of ignoring them. He doesn't deserve his position as headmaster if he doesn't change something now.

  11. I would love to hear more people saying the students' new version of the pledge... I think it's fantastic.